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"The personal coaching program, by Nancy Slitz, was the best investments we made for our company.  We used her personal coaching for ourselves and for our plant manager.  Nancy has broadened our views which led us to reach goals that we once believed were unattainable.  Our manager was young and intimidated by the older staff and Nancy brought her to a manager's level of self-confidence and excellence."

Dan & Judy Del Rossi

Tiffany Couture Cleaners

"Nancy's mere presence at our events is enough to inspire the people around her to seek a better way of doing and being.  She just knows how to inspire with her words and insights, but more importantly how to ask the right questions --  those that provoke deeper introspections, growth, and action.  One-on-one or in a group setting, business-related or personal, Nancy's skill for coaching and lifting others is a true gift."

Melinda Vaughn

Chief Executive Officer

Statera Foundation

"Let me begin by thanking you first and foremost for your patience, honesty, and confidence in helping me with my leadership challenges.  Your coaching style and expertise immediately made me feel at ease.  I knew my concerns would be heard and addressed with knowledge, trust, and clarity.

Your ablity to coach me into identifying my issues and focus on ways to tackle them was amazing.  You always kept the dialogue and the surrounding conversation on the larger picture so I could address fixes to the problems and not just band-aids.


Your professional coaching helped me remain clam and confident in the decisions that I knew needed to be made.  Your step-by-step program of planning, actions, and written responses made a marked difference in the first month of my using your coaching methods.


You keep me focused, on point, and goal oriented in discussing and dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.  Using data, factual research, and direct one- on-one conversation made disputing the information unnecessary and pointless.  


I remember one particular meeting over a difficult situation; I used your plan addressing the various concerns presented to me.  Because of that approach in dealing with the concerns and the clarity provided, I left my client speechless. 


Your understanding of human nature, as well as corporate and business leadership, is remarkable.  Using simple business and communication techniques you helped guide me to a stress-free and profitable outcome.


I felt as though I had a champion at my side during every board and leadership meeting.  Your coaching provided tools of leadership and confidence building any CEO or executive leader would find beneficial.


Thanks again for helping me become a stronger and more effective leader.

R. Scot Phillips

Executive Director

Utah Shakespeare Festival (Retired)

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